Wrap & Bake

Our WRAP-N-BAKE Baking Parchment is a completely non-stickpaper. It is made from Pure Vegetable Parchment, a very special paper that is oil-proof, stable under high heat loads, completely lint-free and of high purity and strength.

WRAP-N-BAKE can be safely used at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for baking pizzas, breads and buns, pastries and cakes of all types, bagels, croissants etc. Even sausages and sugar-loaded pastries can be baked without problems on our paper. Multiple releases from the same sheet of paper are also possible.

The baking trays do not need to be greased or oiled. Simply line them with our Baking Parchment instead, thus substantially lowering the fat and cholesterol content of your cooking.

The paper does not stick to the baked product. It is extremely convenient in cooking and baking – no more mess, no more cleaning greasy trays/pans.

It is suitable for use both in conventional and micro ovens. The low porosity and low moisture transmission properties also make parchment an excellent protective wrapping paper.

The available sizes are as follows:

1. Household – Wrap N Bake

Size: 30 Cms x 10 Mtrs

2. Household – Wrap N Bake

Size: 30 Cms x 20 Mtrs

3. Catering – Wrap N Bake

Size: 45 Cms x 75 Mtrs