Flower Wrap

 Amol's Aquapel is a paper specifically targeted at wrapping of flowers, for decoration or for protection. Tissue and Kraft papers traditionally used to wrap flowers suffer from several disadvantages, which our Aquapel paper overcomes.

Some interesting properties of our Aquapel Flower Wrap Paper:

  • Aquapel is completely WATERPROOF and does not disintegrate in water.
  • As Aquapel is removed from water, it drips-dry quickly.
  • Unlike other waterproof papers, Aquapel can be folded and re-folded without causing ugly crease marks.
  • Similarly, unlike other waterproof papers, Aquapel can be stuck with any tape to secure the wrapped flower.
  • Aquapel retains all its protective wrapping properties, even under refrigeration.
  • Aquapel is made from a strong paper, and is self-supporting.
  • Aquapel is neutral in pH and will not adversely affect your flowers
  • Aquapel comes in a range of vibrant colors, which are completely bleed-free.
  • Aquapel is available in sheets or reels.
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