Muffin Cups

 We produce muffin cups / cake cups from Pure Vegetable Parchment (PVP), a paper vastly superior to any of substitutes like Greaseproof paper.

PVP paper is oil-proof, stable under high heat loads, completely lint-free and possesses a reasonable natural release property.

Cups made from PVP exhibit high stability, stiffness and shape-retention. PVP paper is certified safe under USFDA 176.170 for direct contact with food.

Muffin Cups (Manufactured From Pure Vegetable Parchment Paper)

Sr. No. Item Code Base Height Diameter
1 M1/55 24mm 15mm 55mm
2 M1/70 24mm 23mm 70mm
3 M1/88 40mm 24mm 88mm
4 M1/114 48mm 33mm 114mm
5 M1/14/125 50mm 37mm 125mm
6 M1/OBLG/124/84 76mm 24mm 84mm
7 M2/5/73 38mm 18mm 73mm
8 M2/6/75 38mm 19mm 75mm
9 M2/6/75 38mm 19mm 75mm
10 M2/6/75 38mm 19mm 75mm
10 M2/6/75 38mm 19mm 75mm
11 M2/7/80 38mm 22mm 80mm
12 M2/8/86 38mm 25mm 86mm
13 M3/9/92 40mm 26mm 92mm
14 M3/10/100 44mm 25mm 100mm
15 M3/11/112 44mm 34mm 112mm
16 M3/12/114 44mm 37mm 114mm