Max PastingBoard

 Max PastingBoard is a specialised board used by galleries, picture framers, photo makers and photo album manufacturers for mounting photographs, pictures and paintings.

Max PastingBoard is pre-gummed with a high tack adhesive. Simply peel-off the protective release paper from the top and use.

The thickness of Max PastingBoard provides body and support to the artwork, not only enhancing its life but also its aesthetics.

Salient Features

  • Factory gummed with a precise dosage of a very high tack adhesive.
  • Non-acidic (with alkaline buffers): will not affect the picture over prolonged periods.
  • Soft core, without fluff: allows the framer to cut the board in a smooth and easy swipe, without damaging machinery or the blades.
  • Accurate calliper, lay-flat and dimensionally stable.
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