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Handmade Paper

Most handmade paper units are tiny, with very little financial muscle or infrastructure available to them. This has resulted in inconsistent quality, wayward delivery schedules and a rank inability to invest in creating new imaginative papers. This is why our group unit Carlton Coats Pvt. Ltd. has taken the world of handmade paper by storm, with its huge range and innovative value addition. Stringent quality control procedures are in place to ensure uniformity and consistency in every manufacturing lot. Most varieties are usually held in ready stocks or can be arranged within a fortnight.

Carlton Coats' handmade range is sold under the brand AMAZING®

Each grade has hundreds of individual designs. Additionally, by combining two grades, the individual designs grow exponentially (for example, combining "leather finish" with "silken embroidered").

Why Handmade Paper
Labour intensive - helps generates rural employment.
  Pollution free.
  Eco-friendly - converts waste by recycling.
  Use of non-wood raw materials saves trees.
  Use of green energy - papers are dried in sunlight.
  Personalised products possible.  
  Constantly updated fashionable designs.  
  Exclusive looks.  

Handmade Paper is the Saviour of Ecology because it is:
Handmade paper Free from wood pulp.

Made from Non toxic, Environment friendly, Biodegradable Cellulose fibres.
Free from destructive chemicals.
Labour intensive - generates rural employment.  

You will adore is because it is:
  Long lasting.  
  Provides colours, designs, texture.
  Aesthetic in Nature.  
  Provides "n" number of personalized products.  

Unique Gifts of Handmade paper:
Exquisite surface for writing.
  Indestructibility and super strength for permanence.
  Unmatched texture for artists and engineers. Countless personalized varieties for stationery, greetings and Invitations.
  Scores of fancy varieties for decorative wraps.  

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