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The highest levels of purity and hygiene are maintained at all levels of production at AMOL PAPER MILLS PVT. LTD. Various tests conducted by respected, independent laboratories have repeatedly corroborated the purity of our Parchment. Our Pure Vegetable Parchment has been tested under US FDA Regulation Ref. 21 CFR 176.170. meant for direct contact with food products.
Central Food Technological Institute

This test records the impurities present in paper that could MIGRATE to the packed food product under prolonged storage. A limit of 0.5 mg per square inch of paper is assigned by the US FDA as the maximum permissible impurity level (Global Migration Value) in paper or paperboard. Against this maximum limit of 0.5 mg per square inch, our paper has yielded a value of only 0.006 mg per square inch.

Enviro Lab

Our paper has also been tested as per CONEG (Washington DC) guidelines for toxic / heavy metals. CONEG has set a limit of 100 ppm for EACH toxic / heavy metal. In our case, even the TOTAL of all the metals put together comes to only 12.1 ppm.

Indian Institute of Toxicology

A detailed, 14-day toxicological study (LD50) has also been conducted on our paper. It was concluded that there were no symptoms, the paper did not induce any toxicity, there was no mortality and there were no Necropsy findings.


Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue

Our paper and mills are also certified "Kosher".

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