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Since we launched our paper ropes (cords made from twisted paper), we have roped in hordes of customers!

And for good reason, too – apart from being elegant, strong, decorative and unique, they are also the cheapest among all the various materials available as bag-handles.

But the usage of our twisted paper ropes is not limited to bag-handles any more.

People have found many innovative uses for them:
Ladies’ purses, Bags, Children’s toys, Curios, Plant holders, Wall-hangings, Swings, Hammocks, Fancy lamp-shades, Designer jackets ...
Why are our twisted paper ropes so versatile? Well, just have a look at the properties they possess:

Extremely high tensile strength.


Unique, and very attractive.

  Available in pure white and many radiant bleed-free colours.  
  Multiple colours also possible on a single cord.
  Supple, yet tough.
  Retains more than 65% of its strength even when completely wet.  
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