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Hot Peel / Cold Peel Plastisol Transfers
These transfers are most often produced by a transfer supplier or others capable of screen printing designs in bulk quantities onto coated paper. These hot peel transfers are favoured for their high ink density because they give an extra deep saturated imprint onto fabrics. The transfer is peeled off of the fabric immediately after it is pressed. Another transfer type related to these is cold peel transfers, where the paper is allowed to cool before being peeled off of the imprinted material.
Heat Transfer Paper Heat Transfer Paper Heat Transfer Paper
Heat Transfer Paper Heat Transfer Paper Heat Transfer Paper
For Thermo printing Textiles.
Heat Transfer Papers are temporary carrier sheets or strips of special paper which can be used in the thermo printing technique, particularly in thermo printing textiles by transfer. They carry a print (generally multicoloured), produced form an alkalizing agent and one or more cationic dyestuffs, which, at atmospheric pressure, pass into the vapors state 160o C. The print eventually gets transferred from the carrier sheet onto textiles by application of heat.
Amol's Sublimation paper is heat-resistant, fibre-free and dimensionally stable, with excellent release properties - all pre-requisites for a good transfer.
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